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Now more than ever it’s time to invest in Puerto Rico

Gery Mejías, Real Estate Broker Lic. C-17178

It is well known that our beautiful “Isla del Encanto” the Enchanted Island, is going through situations never experienced. Having just passed through the catastrophe left us by Hurricanes Irma and María, who passed through the island on September 10 and 20, 2017, and left us all without electricity, communication and other utilities. A debt that exceeds 120 billion including the deficits in the pensions of government employees and a Fiscal Control Board imposed by the United States Congress to its territory will keep us well occupied for the next couple of decades.


For these and many other reasons, now is the best time to invest in Puerto Rico. We have been receiving federal aid and assistance since the hurricanes passed and will continue to receive them for the next several years mainly due to federal aids and insurance claims payments that are already beginning to flow. Not all areas in Puerto Rico are in a precarious situation. Areas such as San Juan, Dorado and Isla Verde to mention some, are still very attractive for investors who want to make Puerto Rico their main home or source for their businesses. Puerto Rico has put into operation a series of incentives such as laws 20, 22, 27,73 and 273 among others that compete favorably with other tax havens worldwide. These laws are attracting thousands of investors who have started calling Puerto Rico their new home. The stability due to the federal laws that protect us and the political situation that we live with over 97% of Puerto Ricans supporting some form of annexation with the United States, make the island even more attractive for investment. We have the properties you need whether commercial, housing, vacation or to build your dreams throughout the island. Puerto Rico, despite its size, is rich in terms of the number of attractions that include beaches, marinas, shops, gastronomy, among others, which are world class.


And what about those who wish to return to their roots, those who want to retire or have a piece of paradise and even a small investment? In Puerto Rico, you can get a property for retirement, vacation and even investment throughout the island. Follow us on all platforms and through our links so you can find out how we are going in the process of rebuilding and restructuring our beautiful island. Give us a call, we will be waiting for you.

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